12 December 2023

Sustainable octagonal posts from pine forests in the heart of Sweden

Our octagonal wooden posts are crafted from high-quality pine wood sourced from the north of Sweden, a naturally renewable material. The timber is specially selected during thinning of the forest.

In Sweden the forest industry is a key sector, and the Swedish model of forestry rests on three foundational pillars: ecological, economic, and social sustainability. Sustainable and innovative approaches are vital in every aspect, from forestry and transport to production and recycling.

Facts and figures from Swedish Forest Industries*

– 70% of Sweden is forest land
– 80% of Swedens forest land is in active use
– 1% of Swedens forest resource is felled annually
– Every year, at least 380 million trees are planted in Sweden
– 82% of Swedens wood products are exported every year
– Sweden is the world’s 4th largest exporter of pulp, paper and sawn timber

The Swedish forestry model and Life Cycle Analyses

Active forestry is pivotal in combating climate change. The forests in Sweden grow by 110 000 000 m3sk annually, absorbing around 60 million metric tons of carbon dioxide each year. The Swedish forestry model employs a system to determine which trees are to be harvested and which should continue growing, using GPS coordinates for precision. The “thinning” process is one of the strategic components of the regulated Swedish forest-based industry.

A Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) evaluates the environmental impact of a product throughout its life cycle, encompassing raw material extraction, production, usage, and waste management/recycling. A national LCA conducted for the Swedish Road Administration (Vägverket) revealed that wooden posts have significant advantages over other materials like concrete and steel, particularly in terms of environmental impact.

Rundvirke Industrier and Octowoods raw material

Octowood is a division of Rundvirke Industrier – Sweden’s largest special timber group established in 1899, and has been producing unique octagonal wooden posts since 1997 in Kälarne, Sweden. The forests in Sweden boast a diverse ownership structure, ranging from private individuals to government authorities. Our affiliate, Rundvirke Skog, supplies us with top-quality special raw material, as well as guiding forest owners in maximising their forests’ value in all aspects. The Octoposts are made from timber in slow-growing forests of northern Sweden and central Norrland where conditions are ideal for producing superior raw material, the timber is selected and taken out during “thinning”.

Forests differs many times in both management history and characteristics, each tree is unique and should be used based on its characteristics. By taking out different “special assortments”, you optimize the timber yield and thus also the value of the timber in your felling. Different special assortments can be selected from different types of stocks. Rundvirke Skog’s Inspectors select the timber before felling during the “thinning” process, ensuring full utilisation of each tree, and matching the right log to the right product.

*Source and more facts Swedish Forest Industries

Special raw material selected

Felling through “thinning” of the forest.

Rawmaterial stocked.

Sortening length and dimension for Octoposts.

Production of Octoposts.

Octoposts ready to be dried and wood protection treated.