22 March 2024

The OctoPaddock: a functional paddock with exceptional sustainability

The OctoPaddock is a product from us at Octowood, a functional paddock, complete with posts, rails, gate with associated mountings and screws. It is of course made of our unique octagonal wooden posts, where the posts form the base of the paddock, and the rails are split posts that are mounted horizontally on the inside of the paddock.

The octagonal design is optimal for stable attachments, always on a flat surface, and which also gives a high-end visual impression. The raw material for our wooden posts is selected special range, Swedish certified wood, a naturally renewable material. In the production process, the posts are treated with wood protection for exceptional sustainability, which makes them maintenance-free and means a good investment in both time and money. Read more about our raw material.

See video for inspiration and detailed assembly instructions in printed format.