Vector Powerdrive

You can’t find a better fence post driver on the market. Octowood is a reseller of post drivers from Brennan Fencing Limited.

You can’t find a better fence post driver on the market. Constructed, developed and manufactured in Ireland where land conditions vary so much that versatility is a must. Add to this a dedication to well-established engineering feats and principles, and a wealth of knowledge gained from more than 20 years in the business, and the result is Vector Powerdrive.

Below you will find an overview of our models, please see the product sheet for more detailed information. For more information about the Vector Powerdrive fence post driver you are welcome to contact Sales Director Kalle Holmberg, phone +46 (0) 696-68 11 12.

Modell IV Contractor

This machine is essential for the real professional contractor. The possibilities of this piece of equipment are phenomenal. It is very easy to steer and allows the operator great control.

Modell IV Agri

This is a simpler version of the Contractor. It has a seven bank hydraulic valve box with virtually the same functions as the Contractor. The model is suitable for large-scale agriculture or smaller-scale contractors. The post alignment instrument is optional on this machine.

Modell I

Economical, but fully capable post driver for farmers. It has a 380-kg hammer, filled with cast iron, which has the power to drive heavy corner posts.

Modell I+

Post driver with reinforced 380-kg hammer for farmers. A machine with strong hammering power that easily drives the heaviest of corner and gate posts. Three bank high-flow valve for precise hammer control. The independent post cap provides significantly higher hammering impact.

Modell II

The ideal machine for building agricultural fencing; this machine allows for a great deal of mast movement in four directions. This movement allows the operator to have complete control over the post being driven. The post can be pulled or pushed in all four directions. The independent post cap system enables much greater hammer impact in extreme conditions; it also removes the risk of the cap lifting off the post. Can drive posts of up to 3.3 m in height and 375 mm in diameter.

Modell II+

Post driver for large-scale agriculture or smaller-scale contractors. This post driver has no limitations when it comes to side tilt. It can handle up to 30 degrees in both directions.

Modell III

Post driver for contractors, very robust construction; a machine that is, to a larger extent, impossible to destroy. The early versions of this machine, that were manufactured almost 20 years ago, are still in use today. Can drive posts of up to 3.3 m in height and 375 mm in diameter.

Modell V

This post driver has been specially built to attach to a telescopic loader. It is a very versatile and flexible machine. Attaching this post driver takes almost no time, around 10 seconds. The mast construction is similar to the Model II+, with the same spectrum of side tilt. This system allows posts to be placed almost anywhere, through drains, up on banks, in ditches, and amongst branches and trees. This machine can move easily under overhead lines.

Model VI

Mini-excavator add-on (3–6 tons, certain models). This equipment transforms your mini-excavator to a very flexible and extremely effective fencing machine. It is a highly manoeuvrable machine that is mounted on a control arm, can pivot 360 degrees, has 600 millimetre side shift travel and 25 degrees left and right mast tilt. The back and forward tilt is achieved by combining the beam and the excavator arm. Clear out fencing routes while you work, remove obstacles, dig up stone blocks, dig down underlying cables and drive posts. A complete all-in-one system. No posts can elude this machine. Getting through the most inaccessible conditions is child’s play for this machine.