Wooden posts

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Post drivers

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Why choose wooden posts from Octowood?

Superior quality

A high breaking strength allows you to drive your posts several times.

Rot protection provides 20-year problem-free usage

Our raw material is sourced from selected fellings in our slow growing forests. The raw material comes from the central part of northern Sweden where natural conditions are optimal for creating a superior product.

All our products that are in contact with the ground are impregnated according to NTR class A (EN 351) with full penetration through the sapwood.

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Easy to use

The octagonal shape ensures that you always have access to a flat side for attaching an insulator, a rail or whatever else needs attaching.

All our wooden posts are delivered in square packages, which are easy to transport and store.

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Good for the environment

A natural product made from wood with a long life span has little impact on the environment.

As a part of our environmental efforts, we transport via railways to minimise carbon dioxide emissions. Any residual materials from our industrial processes are used in our 6 mwh bio-fuel furnace.

Our steam generator can also produce 20% of our electricity needs.

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